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The annual membership period runs from January 1st to December 31st

Membership renewals will be carried out every day over the month of January. The Annual Member ship fee is £20.00 and the initial joining fee is an additional £60.00


Membership criteria

1. Membership of the Club shall be open to men aged 18 and above

2. Candidates for membership shall be proposed by a member of 12 months standing, who from personal knowledge, is able to vouch for their respectability and fitness to become a member.

3. The name and address of the candidate, with the names of his proposer and seconder shall be posted in the club, and shall be exhibited at least 7 days before his name is to be submitted to the committee for election.

4. The candidate will be sent a letter inviting him to attend an interview. On the evening of the interview the candidate shall produce the letter to the bar staff and will then be given instruction on where to attend the meeting.

5. At the meeting the candidate will be asked some questions by the members of the committee. Candidates are advised to answer the questions truthfully as failure to do so could result in membership being terminated. Details of the club facilities will be explained along with the car park rules.

6. If accepted the candidate will receive a letter of acceptance along with a form requesting some further details. The candidate is to produce the letter and form to the bar staff or a committee member and upon payment of the membership and joining fee, he will receive a membership card and a car park permit. He will be welcomed to the Club as a new member.

Management Committee April 2019 - April 2020 - as elected at the AGM

Peter Hepworth ( President)

Julian Taylor, Andrew Bullock, Hubert Rolph ( Trustees)

Jay Sayer  (Chairman)

Terry Heath

Graham Romain

Jay Sayer

Harry Ellis

Justin Ellis (Resigned 8th October 2019)

Simon Gypps

Mick Miller

Richard Ward


Trevor Bashford (Treasurer)

Graham Haslam ( Secretary)

Sport - TBA

Entertainment - Jay Sayer (website liaison)

Maintenance - TBA

Events - TBA

Bar & Finance - All

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Registered under the Friendly Societies Acts


Register No. 232W




The Society is a Working Men's Club, it shall be called "The Dunmow Club", and is thereinafter referred to as "The Club"


(1) The Registered office of the Club shall be "The Hazels", 32, High Street, Dunmow, Essex CM6 1AH

(2) In the event of any change in the situation of the registered office, notice of such

Change shall be sent to the Registry of Friendly societies within 14 days thereafter in the form prescribed by the Treasury Regulations.


The Club is non-sectarian, non-political, and is established for “the purpose of providing for working men, the means of social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement and rational recreation.


All monies received on account of contributions, sales of rules, or otherwise, and interest on investments, shall be applied in carrying out the objects of the Club, according to the rules thereof.


(1) So much of the funds of the Club as may not be wanted for immediate use, or to

meet the usual accruing liabilities, shall, with the consent of the Committee, or a majority of the members of the Club present and entitled to vote in General Meetings, be invested by The Trustees of the Club in any of the following ways, namely:-

In any UK Bank, or in Public Funds, or in the purchase of land, or in the erection or alteration of offices, or other buildings thereon as after mentioned, or in any lawfully authorised trust funds.

(2) The Trustees, with the consent of a special general meeting of the Club, called for the purpose, may accept by way of gift or purchase, or take on lease, any land, and may sell, exchange, mortgage, lease, or build upon that land (with power to pull down buildings and again rebuild), and a purchaser, assignee, mortgagee, or tenant, shall not be bound to enquire as to the authority for any sale, exchange, mortgage or lease by the Trustees and the receipt of the Trustees shall be a discharge for all monies arising from or in connection with such sale, exchange, mortgage or lease.


(1) Membership of the club shall be open to men aged l8 years or over.

(2) Candidates for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two members of

at least 12 months standing who, from personal knowledge are able to vouch for their respectability and fitness to become members.

(3) The name and address of the candidate, with the names of his proposer and seconder shall be posted in the Club, and shall be there exhibited at least 7 days before the day on which his name is to be submitted to the Committee for election.

(a) The election shall be determined by the Committee or Sub-Committee following an interview appointed for that purpose. Voting shall be by a show of hands unless a ballot is asked for.


(1) Every member of the Club shall pay an annual subscription determined by the

Club Members at an Annual or Special General meeting: payable in advance on the first day January in every year.  A member with 30 years continuous membership shall be exempt from payment of subscriptions.

(2) Every candidate proposed for membership shall pay an entrance fee determined

by the Club Membership at an Annual or Special General Meeting in addition to his annual subscription. New members may pay a reduced pro rata Membership Subscription (rounded to the nearest whole pound) if they are elected after the 30thJune

(3) The payments under this rule shall be subject to review in the event of changes in the rate of Value Added Tax.

(4) Any member failing to pay his subscription by 31st January shall cease to be a member. The Committee shall have power in cases of distress arising out of illness, or unemployment to allow a member further time for payment.


 The Committee shall have power to reprimand, suspend, or expel any member whose conduct, in their opinion, renders him unfit for membership of the. Club but no member shall be expelled without being summoned before the Committee to explain his conduct.  Any officer of The Club is however empowered to order the withdrawal of any member being guilty of drunkenness, bad language or other serious misconduct, and the matter shall be dealt with by the Committee of Management at the next meeting. A member may resign from the club, by giving written notice to the Secretary and the notice must be accompanied by any subscription due up to the date of its taking effect.


(1) The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the last Tuesday of April each year.

(2) A Special General Meeting of the Club shall be held whenever the Committee of Management think expedient and whenever 10% of members so request, by notice in writing delivered to the Secretary. Notice of every Special and Annual General Meeting shall be kept prominently posted in the club premises for seven days before the meeting and seven days previous notice published online and on the notice board.

(3) All General Meetings of The Club shall be held at the Registered Office of The Club, unless the Committee decide, either generally, or in a particular case, that it shall be held at some other place.

(4) At all General Meetings, the President, Vice President or any other person elected at the meeting, shall preside. Five per cent of the membership shall form a quorum.

(5) Every member present and not disqualified as mentioned in these rules, shall have one vote' and when the votes are equal, the President shall have an additional casting vote.


(1) The Club shall have the following Officers, President, Vice-President, three Trustees, Treasurer, Secretary and a Committee of Management, which shall consist of nine committeemen. The Committee shall annually elect its Chairman, Vice Chairman from its own body. The same person shall not be a Treasurer or Secretary or a Trustee of The Club.

(2) All the officers and committeemen shall be over 21 years of age.

(3) Any member nominated for election via a General Meeting must accept the nomination in writing and must either attend that meeting or submit written-apologies for absence to that meeting. All the Officers and members of the Committee shall be elected. At an Annual or Special General Meeting by a majority of the members present and entitled to vote. The election (except of Trustees) shall be by ballot.

(4) The President, Vice-President, Trustees, Treasurer and Secretary shall hold office at the pleasure of the Club. The Committeemen shall retire at each Annual General Meeting which shall elect their successors and the retiring Committeemen shall be eligible for re-election.

(5) Any Officer or member of the Committee may be removed by a resolution of a Special General Meeting of the Club.

 (6) In case of any Officer (other than a Trustee) or member of the Committee shall

Die, resign, be removed, or become unfit or unable to act, the Committee may appoint, at any time, a person to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting, unless the vacancy is previously filled at a Special General Meeting.

(7) No member of the club may stand for the committee if he has been banned from the Club for any reason


(1) There shall be three Trustees of the Club, who shall be appointed by a resolution of a majority of the members of the club present, and entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting of The Club or at a Special General Meeting. They shall continue in Office at the pleasure of the Club, and be removable by resolution at a Special General Meeting thereof.

 (2) In the event of any Trustee dying, resigning, or being removed from office, another shall be appointed as aforesaid to fill the vacancy. Every resolution appointing a Trustee shall be entered on the minutes of the meeting at which he is appointed.

(3) A copy of such resolution signed by such Trustee shall be forwarded, within 14 days, by the Secretary, to the Registrar of Friendly Societies in the form prescribed by the Treasury Regulations.


The Treasurer shall continue in office at the pleasure of the club and be removable at a special General Meeting thereof. He shall take charge of the funds of the club which are required for current expenses, and pay all demands when ordered to do so by the Committee of Management. He shall produce all books, property, documents, and monies of The Club in his possession, and render a full and clear account at each audit, and also give up all such property, or any part of it, when required by the Committee, Trustees, or a General Meeting of the Club.


The Secretary shall continue in office at the pleasure of The Club and be removable at a Special General Meeting thereof. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Club and of the Committee of Management; the Secretary shall record correctly the names of the Officers and other members there present, and the minutes of the proceedings, which the Secretary shall transcribe into a book or via some other electronic means and print and keep a copy to be authenticated by the signature of the Chairman of that meeting as the proceedings of that Meeting; the Secretary shall receive proposals for admission to the Club; the Secretary shall at the close of every meeting, or in the case of receipts at other times, forthwith hand over any monies received by the Secretary to the Treasurer. The Secretary shall keep on the Club premises a list of the names and addresses of the members of The Club, and a Subscription Book or books in which shall be recorded the payments of such members. The Secretary shall produce all books, property, documents, or monies of the Club in the Secretary’s possession and render a full and clear account at each audit. The Secretary shall summon and give due notice of all meetings of the Club and of the Committee of Management and keep the accounts, documents and papers of The Club in such manner and for such purposes as the Committee of Management may appoint and shall prepare all returns and other documents required by the provisions of the Friendly Societies Act 1974 or the Treasury Regulations or the Financial Conduct Authority and duly forward them to the Registrar. The Secretary shall be responsible for making application as necessary for the renewal of the Club’s Registration Certificate in accordance with the Licensing Acts.


The Steward and Assistant Stewards shall be appointed and removable by the Committee, which shall fix the terms of their engagement and remuneration. They shall be under the control of the Secretary on behalf of the Committee and shall be answerable to the Secretary on behalf of the Committee. They shall have no authority except such as the Secretary on behalf of the Committee authorises them to exercise.


The Committee of Management shall meet for general business as and when required and at least ten times each year. The Chairman, or if he be not present, the Vice-Chairman, shall preside. Any five members shall form a quorum and the Committee shall have full power to superintend and conduct the business of the Club according to the rules of the Committee, and shall in all things act for and in the name of the Club. Every question shall be decided by a majority of votes, and if the votes were equal the Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member. Any three of the Committee may call a Special Meeting thereof by giving seven clear days’ notice in writing to the Secretary, but at such Special Meeting no other business than that specified in the notice shall be taken into consideration.


The Committee shall cause proper accounts of the Club to be kept by the Treasurer in accordance with the requirements of Section 29 of the Friendly Societies Act 1974.


(1) The Committee of Management shall cause the books of the Club to be available for the inspection of any member or person having an interest in the funds of the Club, at all reasonable hours at the Registered Office of the Club, or at any place where the books are kept   and it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to produce the same accordingly.

(2) It shall be the duty of the Committee to keep a copy of the last annual balance sheet and of the report of the auditor on the balance sheet always hung up in a conspicuous place at the Registered Office of the Club.


(1) The Club shall in each year of account appoint a qualified auditor to audit its Accounts and balance sheet for that year. For the purpose of this rule 'qualified auditor' means a person who is a qualified auditor under Section 36 of the Friendly Societies Act 1974.

(2) Save as provided in paragraph (3) of this rule every appointment of an auditor shall be made by resolution of a general meeting of the Club.

(3) The Committee may appoint an auditor to fill any casual vacancy occurring between general meetings of the Club.

(4) A qualified auditor appointed to audit the accounts and balance sheet of the Club for the preceding year of account (whether by a general meeting or by the Committee) shall be re-appointed as auditor of the Club for the current year of account (whether or not any resolution expressly re-appointing him has been passed) unless

(a) A resolution has been passed at a general meeting of the Club  appointing somebody instead of him or providing expressly that he shall not be re-appointed or

(b) He has given to the Club notice in writing of his unwillingness to be re-appointed or

(c) He is ineligible for appointment as auditor of the Club for the current year of account or

(d) He has ceased to act as auditor of the Club by reason of incapacity.

Provided that a retiring auditor shall not be automatically re-appointed by virtue of this rule if notice of an intended resolution to appoint another person in his place has been given in accordance with paragraph (5) of this rule and the resolution cannot be proceeded with because of the death, incapacity or ineligibility of that person.

(5) A resolution at a General Meeting of the Club

(i) Appointing another person as auditor in place of a retiring qualified auditor or

(ii) Providing expressly that a retiring audit or shall not be re-appointed and shall not be effective unless notice of the intention to move it has been given to the Club not less that twenty-eight days before the meeting at which it is moved. On receipt by the Club of notice of the intention to move any such resolution the Club shall give notice

of the resolution to the members in accordance with Section 34 of the Friendly Societies Act 1974. The Club shall also give such notice to the retiring auditor in accordance with Section 35 of the Friendly Societies Act 1974 and shall give notice

to the members in accordance with that section of any representations made or intended to be made by the retiring auditor.

(6) None of the following persons shall be appointed as auditor of the Club.

 (a) An officer or servant of the Club.

 (b) A person who is a partner of or in the employment of or who employs an officer or servant of the Club.

 (c)  A Corporate Body can undertake the Audit of the Club on our behalf

(7) The auditor shall in accordance with Section 38 of the Friendly Societies Act l974 make a report to the Club on the accounts examined by him and on the revenue account or accounts and the balance sheet of the Club for the year of account in respect of which he is appointed.


(1) Every year before the 1st June, the Secretary shall send to the Financial Conduct Authority an annual return relating to its affairs for the period required to be included in the return.

The return shall be made up for the period beginning with the 1st January of the year preceding the year in which the return is required to be sent and ending with the 31 December then last past. The return must be made in the form prescribed by the Financial Conduct Authority and contain such particulars as may from time to time be required by the form. A copy of the report of the auditor on the accounts and balance sheet contained in the return must be sent with the annual return.

(2) The Secretary shall supply gratuitously to every member or person interested in the funds of the club on application either a copy of the last annual return or a balance sheet or other document duly audited containing the same particulars relating to the affairs of the Club as are contained in the annual return, together with a copy of the report of the auditor on the annual return or his report on the balance sheet or other document supplied in lieu of the annual return.


(1) If any dispute shall arise between any member or person claiming through a member or under the rules, or any person aggrieved who has ceased to be a member, or any person claiming through such person aggrieved and the Club or any 0fficer of the Club it shall be decided by reference to Arbitration. Members must inform their intention to use Arbitration to the Club's Secretary within 28 days of the dispute.

(2) Five Arbitrators shall be elected  annually by the membership of the Club, at a General-Meeting by a majority of the members present, none of them being directly or Indirectly interested in the funds of the club and in each case of dispute the names of the Arbitrators shall be written on pieces of paper and placed in a box or glass, and the three whose names are first drawn out by the complaining party or someone appointed by him shall be the Arbitrators to decide the matter in dispute, in cases of a vacancy or vacancies, other Arbitrator or Arbitrators shall be elected at a General Meeting.

(3) In this rule, the expression “dispute” includes any dispute arising on the question whether any member or person aggrieved is entitled to be or continue to be a member, but, save as aforesaid, in the case of a person who has ceased to be a member, does not include any dispute other than a dispute on a question between him and The Club or an Officer thereof which arose whilst he was a member and arises out of his previous membership of The Club.


The permitted hours shall be such as may from time to time be determined by the Committee in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.


Any member of the club may personally introduce one friend as a guest, but no person shall be introduced as a guest on more than three occasions in any one quarter. The Guest shall on each occasion be signed in the Guests' Book by the member and the Guest. A member’s guest may be given temporary membership for a maximum of fourteen days on payment of £2-00p.

The following shall not be admitted as guests: -

(1) Persons who have been expelled from membership of the club.

(2) Any person who, in the opinion of the Committee of Management, is not acceptable as a guest.

Provided that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday evenings and such other special occasions as the Committee of Management think fit, any member of the Club may personally introduce his Partner as a guest without any restriction on the frequency of such introductions and without the requirement that the Guests' Book should be signed in respect of such introductions. On these occasions a further Guest may be introduced. For sporting events ie Pool, Snooker or Darts matches, visiting guests will be treated as "temporary guests” without the need to sign the Guests Book.

(3) Persons who have applied for Membership and have been refused Membership

(At the discretion of the Committee)



No non-member will be permitted to make use of the Gaming or Lottery Machines. No non- member may be permitted to make payment of any description either directly or indirectly for refreshment supplied to him. Any member of the Club or any officer shall report any breach of this rule to the Secretary.


The club may be at any time be dissolved by consent of three quarters of the

members testified by their signatures to an instrument of dissolution in the form prescribed by the Treasury Regulations.


All summonses and notices shall be deemed to have been served if delivered at or sent by post to the last known address of the member or person for whom they are intended.


The Secretary shall deliver to any person, on demand, a copy of the rules on payment of £1.00


{1) No new rule shall be made, nor shall any rules herein contained, or hereafter to be made, be amended or rescinded, unless with the consent of a majority of the members present at a General Meeting called for that purpose.

(2) No new rule, or amendment of a rule, is valid until registered, unless deemed by the Financial Conduct Authority to not require registration.


The Committee of Management shall have power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules.


In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears;

(1) Words in the singular shall include the plural, and words in the plural shall include the singular.

(2) 'The Act' means the Friendly Societies Act l974 and any Acts amending or substituted for the same, and for the time being in force.

Register No. 232 W.

Friendly Societies Act

Acknowledgement of Registration of Amendment Rules

The amendment of the rules of


 To which this acknowledgement is attached, is this day registered under the Friendly Societies Act

Dated: 24th August 2015

Arbitration Committee

Ian Waker

Barry McLean

Justin Gunfield

Alan O’Donnell

Paul Davis

Guidance for Members and Guests of the Dunmow Club


 If there should  be any conflict between the Club Rules and these Guidance notes then Club Rules will take precedence.


 A Member may ask for a particular item to be added to the AGM agenda by giving at least 7 days notice in writing to the Secretary.

 No person shall be elected to the Club Committee unless they are present at the AGM, or, if they are unable to attend, have submitted their apologies to the meeting.

The number of votes cast for each Committee candidate shall be read out by the President.

AGM Minutes

A provisional set of minutes shall be produced by the Secretary within one month of the AGM , they shall be checked for accuracy by the Committee and then posted on the noticeboard.

Committee Minutes

These shall be produced by the Secretary within 14 days of each meeting, or as soon as reasonably possible, and after checking by the Chairman, they will be emailed to the Committee, an email or a hard copy shall be sent to the President and Trustees at the same time.

After ratification at the next Committee meeting they shall be posted on the noticeboard.

Voting Rights

As the Secretary and Treasurer are voted into their positions by the membership at an AGM, they shall be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.  

The Chairman shall have a normal committee member’s  vote and if a vote is tied, he may exercise his right to have an additional casting vote.

Committee Meetings

 A Committee Member wishing for an item to be discussed at a Committee Meeting should, where possible, give details to the Secretary at least 48 hours before the Meeting.

 If an urgent decision should ever be needed before the next Committee Meeting is due the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer may contact Committee Members and once a majority consent is obtained, proceed with the decision. This action shall be reported at the next Committee Meeting .

Attendance at Committee Meetings

Should any Committee Member, without good reason, fail to attend 3 consecutive meetings, he may, by resolution of the Committee, be removed from the Committee and a replacement sought, the replacement may be the next person who has secured most votes, a volunteer or someone chosen by the Committee for secondment.  

Sub Committees

The elected Committee may form Sub Committees as they deem necessary, eg. Bar and Finance Sub Committee, Centenary Sub Committee.

Sub Committees may only make recommendation to the main Committee, they have no executive power.  At least 7 days notice shall be given for Sub Committee meetings wherever possible.


The rules of the Club do not state specifically whether Arbitration is Binding Arbitration or Non -Binding Arbitration. However,  It is custom and practice for the Arbitration Committee (normally 3 persons) to report back to the Management Committee (normally 11 persons) who MAY then re consider their original decision based on the advice and findings of the Arbitration Committee

Ethical Code

If a Committee Member should have a conflict of interest in an item being discussed he should immediately declare it and he then may be asked to withdraw from discussion and/or voting on that item.

All Club members should conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and refrain from and work to keep the Club

free from any form of racial intolerance, sexual harassment or discrimination on grounds of gender, origin, colour, race, nationality, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability.

Smoking Shelter

No Member shall procure any item from behind the bar for consumption in the vicinity of the Smoking Shelter unless  that person is either a Member of the Club  or a Guest that has been “signed in” in accordance with the Rules.


Car Park

Car park passes are issued to Members solely for the benefit of that Member.  Any abuse of that pass by family, friends or any other person may result in withdrawal of the car park pass and/or other disciplinary action by the Committee.



In addition to the times stated in the Rules, ladies are allowed in the Club one hour before any coach trips that have been organised by the Club and one hour after return.

Foul Language

Whilst accepting that the Dunmow Club is a Working Men’s Club, Members are asked to refrain from using foul language, particularly, when it could cause offence to any other person.


Club cheques shall be signed by a minimum of 2 signatories (normally Treasurer and one other,

eg .  Secretary or Chairman)  In the case of Internet banking there shall be a different  Transaction Creator and Transaction  Authoriser for each transaction that is made.

A summary of the previous years audited accounts shall be permanently posted on the noticeboard.

At least two Trustees must give their written consent to any expenditure in excess of £5,000 (this limit will not apply to settlement of bills for alcohol, the utilities or HMRC)

Club Property

Club property is owned by the Members, it shall not be removed without permission of the Secretary.

E Cigarettes (Vapes)

These items are not allowed to be smoked inside the main building.

Soiled work clothing

No person wearing soiled work clothing will be permitted to be in the club building after 7pm. However, they may still drink in the smoking shelter after this time.

Snooker and Pool Rooms

No food should be taken to or consumed in these rooms, any food supplied for league or friendly matches shall be eaten in the bar area.

Membership List

An up to date Membership list shall be available behind the bar for use by Stewards/Bar Staff in the event of a query and where a Member cannot produce his membership card. It will be updated quarterly.

Annual Subscriptions

For the avoidance of doubt, these will close on the last day of January each year. Failure to pay subscriptions by 31 January will result in a penalty equivalent to the joining fee. Failure to pay by the last day of February will result in a new application for Membership having to be submitted.

Honorary membership is reached after paying subscriptions for 30 consecutive years, the Honorary membership is granted for the 31st year and beyond.

Gaming machines

Non- members and guests are not allowed to play on these machines.

Disabled toilet

A disabled toilet is provided for use by disabled persons only,  other  persons  should not use it unless there is a queue at the normal toilets.


Dogs are allowed in the smoking shelter but not in the main building except whilst the Member is purchasing a drink.

Bar Stools and Chairs

Bar stools must not be positioned adjacent to the bar, feet must not be placed on chairs.

Hot Food

Hot food purchased elsewhere shall not be brought into the main building.

Illegal drugs and alcohol

Only alcohol that has been bought from the bar may be consumed on the premises. Illegal drugs are forbidden on the premises and a zero tolerance policy is in force.

Sale of items by Members

The Club Premises are not a Market or a Boot Sale, sale of goods by Members to other Members should not take place on Club premises. In particular, the sale of foodstuffs is strictly prohibited due to Insurance requirements.

The Bar

Only authorised persons are allowed behind the bar, the Steward may authorise a Committee member, Secretary or Treasurer to go behind the bar for a particular reason, these persons must ask for permission prior to going behind the bar.

General Data Protection Act

The Dunmow Club holds a list of Members names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses solely for the purposes of recording member s details and for contacting members  should the need arise. The Dunmow Club will not sell or share information with any other organisations unless compelled to do so by law. The Dunmow Club may use an agency to bulk email or bulk surface mail members from the membership data should the need ever arise. The agency will not retain or use the data for any other purpose.

Force Majure

In these very rare events, the Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, President and or Trustees shall be empowered to take such action to mitigate the situation immediately, but wherever possible consultation amongst each other should take place and the Committee informed of the action taken as soon as possible.  

These guidance notes were approved at a Management Committee Meeting held on 12 March 2019

{  Guidance  }